Friday, September 27, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

So September has been a bit busy and crazy, this past week or so especially so. But there will be several posts coming up, as soon as I have time to sit down, organize and write them..
I've been busy canning and dehydrating food this past week and that will be going on next week and perhaps into the week after that as well. We've had our first freeze and snowfall of the season. And I've got some reviews coming up! There are some new gluten free food items out that I will be taking a look at, and there's a new cookbook out by one of my favorite gluten free bloggers and I had the chance to get my hands on advance copy of her latest cookbook. It's out now, but I just got my copy today, because, well, things.. anyway... I've had the chance to skim through it a bit today and I already have about a dozen or so recipes bookmarked for upcoming usage. (They will come in particularly handy while I'm spending my days bottling and processing potatoes the next week or so...)
So, not too much to post today, but things will be coming.. including a few quickly whipped together creations from this week's canning crazed mind, though pictures may not be as prevalent on some of them... Sorry, but I was busy and crazy and didn't think about it until it was too late. Ah well.
So, keep your eyes posted here.. lots of things will be coming soon! I promise!

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