Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day... postponed

Well, I had plans. But this has been a week of sudden changes of plans, so I should have expected something.
My husband got laid off on Tuesday. Never fun news. Things have been tight lately anyway as they had already cut his hours, so we didn't have much planned for today. He has a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I had raided our freezer and pantry stashes to come up with our dinner plans...  We will be taking a large cross cut rib roast and cutting it down for steaks, doing a nice dry rub on that and cooking with real, home made butter. This would be served with au gratin potatoes, home made pickled beets and whatever else I can throw together. We hadn't yet decided on what, if anything, we'd do for dessert yet. I was going to figure that out this morning.
But, this morning I got a call from the library. My other gig needs me to fill in for the "late" shift today. One of the librarians had a grandbaby born last night and they were up all night with their family because of this. so, congrats to them.. Just kind of a bummer for me.
So the post I was going to do for today is getting postponed. With any luck, I'll be able to get this all done tomorrow instead, and maybe we'll get really lucky and all the applications hubby has been sending off this week will get him re-employed quickly.
Meanwhile, I have a well stocked pantry, full freezers and a good short term (at this point anyway..) food storage  supply, so we've got plenty of food.

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