Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blog in Progress!

Well, as often leads to trouble, I had been posting what I had planned for our dinner tonight and several friends started commenting on it. One thing lead to another, and it was suggested (and not for the first time) that I either needed to come to their houses to cook, or I should create a cookbook.
Not sure about the actual cookbook idea, as, honestly, I'm still getting most of my recipes from other cookbooks or websites, so they aren't all _my_ recipes. But, I discussed it a bit with Hubby over last night's dinner, and he thought I should go ahead with it, so, today, I mark not only our 10th wedding anniversary, but the start of my new food blog!
We are also close to approaching my 2 year mark for being gluten free, which caused a whole lot of change in the way we cook and eat around here. It was a long, complicated story to getting my diagnosis, but that is a long tale for another day. Today I just wanted to start with a big old "Hello, World!"
I don't know how often I will be posting to this blog just yet, I have one or two others that I'm terrible about keeping updated as well, so it may take a bit of time to get things all sorted out on how to proceed with this. I will be posting my own recipes and creations from time to time, and linking to other online recipes that we've liked and enjoyed and use on a regular basis. For now, I will leave you with tonight's menu (which I will do my best to take pictures of and write things down as I go so I can update this tomorrow with that info.) My goal with this page is to show how you can make great meals that everyone will think would take all day, but don't really have to. And they will all be Gluten Free. Some of my "cheats" are due to equipment, or planning, or even occasionally using the available prepackaged options. Though I do tend to make a lot of things from scratch, you certainly don't have to if you're not comfortable with it, and I will indicate when I'm using stuff I've made.. anyway..
10th anniversary dinner: Blueberry glazed Top Round London Broil (made with my homemade Blueberry Syrup) Mashed potatoes with beef gravy (made from home made and bottled beef stock) GF Onion Rings (per Hubby's request..) Homemade bread (thank you bread machine!) Chocolate Doughnuts Will spread some of my baking around today so I have time (and daylight) to take more pictures. Tomorrow I will post about this, and let you know a bit more about myself and my journey to this point.

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